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Callum was delighted to win his Blue Peter Sport badge earlier this year. Sports badges are won by introducing a friend to a new sport, we set it up by asking Linzi and the other Monsters coaches if Callum’s friend Isaac could come along to training one Sunday afternoon. Callum was really excited about Isaac coming to water polo, and they both had a brilliant time.  Callum filled in the sports badge form that we got from the Blue Peter website and sent it off with a photo of the two boys playing water polo (see attached), a couple of weeks later he was beside himself when his sports badge dropped through the letter box.  Sunday water polo is a highlight of Callum’s week, ‘I love water polo, I’d like to play it every day!’ he says, and what about Isaac? He enjoyed it so much that he comes to training every week now.  Thanks Linzi and the other Monsters coaches!


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